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What is C2C commerce?

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Here, the

business originates from the consumer

and the ultimate destination is also

consumers, thus the name C2C

commerce. This type of commerce is

best suited for dealing in goods for

which there is no established market

mechanism, for example, selling used

books or clothes either on cash or

barter basis. The vast space of

the internet allows persons to globally

search for potential buyers.

Additionally, e-commerce technology

provides market system security to

such transactions which otherwise

would have been missing if

the buyers and sellers were to

interact in anonymity of one-to-one

transactions? An excellent example of

this is found at eBay where consumers

sell their goods and services to other

consumers. To make this activity

more secure and robust, several

technologies have emerged. Firstly,

eBay allows all the sellers and buyers

to rate one another. In this manner,

future prospective purchasers may see

that a particular seller has sold to more

than 2,000 customers — all of whom

rate the seller as excellent. In another

example, a prospective purchaser may

see a seller who has previously sold

only four times and all four rate the

seller poorly. This type of information

is helpful. Another technology that has

emerged to support C2C activities is

that of the payment intermediary.

PayPal is a good example of this kind.