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What do you mean by opportunity analysis? What are its advantages and disadvantages?

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Opportunity analysis

Opportunity refers to a situation which makes it possible for you to do something. They are available everywhere in your environment whether it be individual's or corporate.Everyone has the opportunity to become manager or scientist or sports person or anything else.The type of profession you choose and the conditions that you consider while making your decision, is called Opportunity analysis.When you have to follow one career of our choice, you look at various career opportunities and then decide. Same way the company also has various opportunities and it's hard to decide which will be the better one to choose amongst all in the surroundings.Through opportunity analysis, company can decide which will further help them in earning profits.There is an example of opportunity analysis which is “Stay healthy” frenzy which has gripped many nations. More and more people are realizing that by staying healthy they can have a more enjoyable life as compared to being obese. Fast food chains like Subway and others came up just to give the customers “Healthy food” like they wanted. Opportunity analysis works in a way to just grab the opportunity which can help best in earning profits.


1) Company's growth- Company will automatically grow when as more and more opportunities are established.

2) Economies of scale- With the identification of more and more opportunities, companies can have access to more markets.

3) Increase in profit- Production will increase and help in attaining goal of profit earning.


1)Guessing the wrong opportunity-  If a company invests in wrong product ,later it will not work and cost a lot.

2)Reputation gets affected-  A good opportunity will lead to success, but one wrong decision will low down a company's reputation.