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Asked a question 3 years ago

What can be the most efficient way to market to high end customers?

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High end customers are those who would want to spend on  good quality products and have high disposable income.High end customers will help you fetch more money as they will be more willing to spend on good quality products.

  • Create a positive mindset- You don't have to think that this high end potential market is too risky and you can't afford to take that risk.
  • Build a customer profile- You have to first know your customers, know how much they know about your company and the products, and what services or products they need. Then you have to classify according to demographic features like age, sex, income, location etc. Then look for psychographic features in your audience like what are their opinions, values, personalities etc.
  • Developing marketing strategy- In case of high end clients, your offering will only trigger emotional purchase if they think that is can fulfill their need. Marketing strategy should be to look for the benefit the product is providing and not the features.
  • Credibility-  High end customers will only buy a product if they trust you. To gain their trust, you have to interact with them more and make changes in your style like, you can provide details of the product and specify how a product will provide a better solution to your problem.
  • Social media- Identify where they spend most of their leisure time for purchases.
  • Response system- You have to pay attention to your customers so that they will not move away.