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What are the steps to make your own dropshipping business?

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Dropshipping is one of the trending way of making your own e-commerce platform and earns a good profit from it. It is basically a supply-chain inventory method where you (i.e., the owner of the business) will list the products on his/her e-commerce platform without caring about the product inventory. This business has 3 parts i.e.

°) The owner of the business will promote his/her e-commerce platform using different mediums of promotion. This will help them in attracting the customers. The customers will land on the dropshipping e-commerce platform, where they will buy the product. The owner will set the price according to the retail market price.

°) when the order is confirmed then, the request is forwarded to the supplier who has made the collaboration with the drop shipping e-commerce owner. The owner will pay the price of the product to the supplier. The main factor is that this price will be the wholesale price. 
So, here the main funds is that:-

{ Profit you.     =     { retail price.     -      { whole sale 
     get      }.                  you set.  }.                   price.  }

°) After all the payment of done, the supplier delivers the product at the customer's house. 


1) Product selection

Product selection is the initial task that is to be done before starting a dropshipping business. The product should have a good market and should have a low wholesale cost and should have less competition. The people should actively search for it. Also, check the competition for this product.

2) Find a good the supplier

A supplier is a side partner in your dropshipping business; hence it is very important to find a correct supplier, which should treat your customer as his own customer and should provide them with all the facilities. A wrong supplier can destroy your business so, this task should be done with care.

3) Build your e-commerce platform

Now, it's time to build your e-commerce platform. Your e-commerce platform should be very attractive and should be provided with all the details. This helps in creating a good impression on the customer. After this process, list are the product you have thought about.

4) Promote your e-commerce platform for customers acquisition

Promote your e-commerce platform as much as possible. This can be done by running a page on social media or by sending links to your known with the help of messaging apps. Run ads for your e-commerce platform. Promote it as much as possible through all the channels, you know. This will help you in acquiring many customers.

5) analysis your mistakes

If you have made any mistake in this business, then analyze them and try not to repeat it. Your mistakes can destroy your business so, think about it carefully.


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