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What are the steps involved in research process?

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  1. Formulating the research problem- There are two types of research problems - one ois which relate to states of nature and the other is which relate to relationships between variables. he must decide the general area of interest which  would like to search into.Then, the feasibility of a particular solution has to be considered before a working formulation of the problem can be set up. 
  2. Extensive literature survey - Thesis of the problem is submitted to the committee while doing Ph.d.
  3. Developing hypothesis - researcher should state in clear terms the hypothesis.
  4. Preparing research design- Researcher should have to tell the structure in which research  will be conducted.
  5. Developing sample design- It can be of any suitable field taking in the form of population.
  6. Collecting the data - Collecting the appropriate data which is valid and reliable.
  7. Execution of the project- Here, the researcher looks for the systematic performance of project.
  8. Analysis of data- Data is analyses with the help of coding, statistical tools.
  9. Hypothesis testing- Chi square test, f test and t test is conducted.
  10. Generalization and interpretation
  11. Preparation of the report and summary - Whatever the researcher has prepared till here, he has to prepare a summary out of it and make a report.