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Rajnish SharmaTop Contributor
Content Creator || Android App Developer
Asked a question 4 years ago

What are the skills required to be a successful entrepreneur?

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Rajnish SharmaTop Contributor
Content Creator || Android App Developer

There are no such technical or non-technical skills required to be an entrepreneur, because all it takes is effort. If you are consistent and work daily on your idea one day or another you are going to turn profit from that idea. Any idea is not a million dollar idea, until it is made million dollar worth by working on it.

Skills won’t be a problem, you’ll build them anyway. The problem lies in NOT QUITTING. 99% of startups fail within 3 years of inception.

There are just those days when you feel like shit and just give up. But the key is to show up every day.

Quitting is not an option. DO NOT QUIT. This is not a skill, it’s an attitude, a mindset.

During your time as an entrepreneur, you will learn and unlearn a lot of things. You will build skills on the go and eventually learn to juggle between them to keep the boat sailing.

Your startup will demand a new version of you every time. So I can’t say you can name a certain set of skills which could make you a successful entrepreneur.

DO NOT QUIT. This is the only skill you need.

You should have Confident Mindset, Risk taking ability, Passion and Motivation, Strong Management skills, Is Creative, Open minded and determined, Ability to take initiative, People skills, Competitive nature, Solid communication skills, Personal and Professional Integrity, Never stops learning, Plans for failure, Effective planning. Mindset is everything, they are times when people will stop believing in you, your family and friends may tell you to give up and a time where your loved ones will leave you. Entrepreneurship is a hard and lonely road and at times you may doubt if you will be successful at all.