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What are the skills required by a manager?

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Skills are the abilities which every manager should possess in order to work efficiently and effectively in an organisation. Skills helps a manager to take crucial decisions when a problem arises. Every manager should learn these skills which can be either decision making or technical or it can be communication skills .

  1. Communication skills- These skills involve effective listening and good speaking skills. Good managers should know in what ways they must communicate with the people.
  2. Analytical skills - These skills involve reasoning which further helps in decision making. These skills involve ability of a manager to analyse the problem and then come up with some feasible solution.
  3. Decision making skill- It requires analytical skills at first which involve the whole analysis part. Analysis form the basis for decision making .
  4. Technical skills- These skills refer to some special knowledge required to do a job. Some technical skills are used in IT, finance, mechanics and few other statistical knowledge is also considered under technical skills.
  5. Leadership skills - These skills every manager should possess. Being a leader, a person should explain all the roles and and goals of organisation to all its team members in a more clear and organised way.

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