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Aalekh Prajapati
Content Writer
Asked a question 4 years ago

What are the risks to be taken when deciding to be an entrepreneur?

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Even though you have an idea for a startup in your mind, it is not easy to give up your current job and lifestyle. Many risks are too be kept in mind when you decide to put your leg on the paddle. 

  1. You'll have to move out of your comfort zone of resting - If you are determined, you'll have to sacrifice breaks and resting periods from your time and work all the time. 
  2. Weekend fun - In a startup, there is no word called "Weekend." You will have to put your sweat and blood 24*7. You'll not be getting any weekends for a vacation, bike ride, or movie time. You'll have to forget that. 
  3. Lifestyle changes - One of the perks of a startup is a change in lifestyle. You will have to give all your time to make your idea a success. To do that, you will have to cut down all the comfort and luxury things from your schedule. Such as movies, hangout, coffee dates, and many more. Also, this lifestyle change will frequently happen, depending upon your business growth. 
  4. Criticism - You will be facing criticism at many points during the starting days of your business. Many of them will lead to rejections. But you will have to keep your head up and walk by pressing down all negative feelings and feeling-bad stuff at the bottom of your heart. 
  5. Your money will be on the stake - Many people tend to think that once your business start to generate money, everything will be okay. The generation of revenue is not the only thing to take care of. If you do not handle correctly and in an organized manner, your payment will always be at stake. Businesses can turn from Gold to ash in minutes. Be careful and watchful always. 
  6. Sleepless nights and family time - This is one of the most significant sacrifices that you need to make. While working on a business, you will have many sleepless nights, meal-skips, and a cut-off from the family that will eventually happen. You will always have to find the right balance.