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What are the qualities of a great manager?

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Quality 1: Orientation towards results

Quality 2: Assertiveness

Quality 3: Delegation

Quality 4: Leadership

Every business is different, so your particular manager duties may vary slightly. But, by and large, these responsibilities are the foundation in most industries.

Some of the qualities of a good manager


An effective manager is a focused manager. Focus manifests as ruthless attention to what is most important. Successful managers don’t allow minor details or tasks to distract them and their team members from the project at hand.


Honesty is one of the key qualities of a manager. Your team needs to grow and improve, and the only way you can make that possible is if you’re honest with them all the time. 


Accountability means taking responsibility for your work and the work of your team members. Being accountable is easy when the job is going well. But the real test comes when the job is going badly.

Comfort Making Decisions

Being a manager is synonymous with making decisions — you can’t have one without the other. Successful managers are comfortable making decisions with plenty of information and time, or with none at all.

Emotional Intelligence

What does it mean to be emotionally intelligent? It means that you lead with understanding. Every one of your team members will go through personal and professional struggles that will impact their work for better or worse.









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