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Asked a question 3 years ago

What are the problems that women entrepreneurs face?

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In present scenario, women entrepreneurs are on the rise and they are indulging more in businesses. Some are at high position in the company while are running their own businesses. But the fact is, they still face many challenges and are stuggling.

  • Responsibilities- Many women are not just entrepreneurs, they are also wife , daughter or mother of someone. They have their personal and professional responsibilities which they have to balance. Atlast a point comes where they have to choose between their family or work. Few women have some social soupport with them but what about the others who have to fight for there work, for their life, for their ambitions?
  • Gender inequality - Women are discriminated on the basis of masculanity. Sometimes, males are supported more than females when it comes to work. Favourable environment has been created everywhere to remove these differences but yet some changes are there which are hidden. 
  • Lack of education - Women are generally not given enough freedom to get higher education. Especially in rural areas, they are not even told about the opportunities about research work or either it can be the various skills.
  • Movement - Being an entrepreneur, a women must have to travel for business meetings and deals. But , they due to backward thinking of few people or indian social system, it is difficult for them to work in outside market.