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Asked a question 3 years ago

What are the problems faced by entrepreneurs while starting a new business?

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There can be various problems that an entrepreneur faces while establishing his business. So the following are such problems that should be kept in mind by entrepreneurs. 

  1. Capital - money is the blood of business. So entrepreneur must think about  how, where and from whom it can raise the required capital for running his business. 
  2. People - this problem is related to people that will work with and for him in Business. So it becomes important for an entrepreneur to choose right people in his team. 
  3. Corruption - it makes difficult for the entrepreneur start his business when he has to pay bribe for clearances. 
  4. Stress - initially it can be stressful for the entrepreneur to start and run his business but he has to overcome stress so that he can calmly deal with problems in Business effectively.