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Rajnish SharmaTop Contributor
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What are the objectives of social entrepreneurship?

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Rajnish SharmaTop Contributor
Content Creator || Android App Developer

In short, to make the world better for every person, animal, and plant on the planet, and to do this with scalable solutions which can succeed and scale through customer revenues and profits, rather than through philanthropy and charity.

The Major in Social Entrepreneurship has five main objectives that serve as the heart of its program and that are taught to all majors, no matter what track they elect for their special focus.

Ethics and values – Students will understand basic ethical principles for business and for working in community and will demonstrate the ability to integrate values into all processes and to be responsibly engaged with communities. Students will also examine their own personal values and aspirations as they relate to their goals as social entrepreneurship majors.

The Social Entrepreneurial Skill Set: Using sophisticated written and oral communication skills and critical thinking skills developed in general education, students will be able to demonstrate competence in each of the following skills essential to entrepreneurship:

  • Opportunity assessment
  • Team building, leadership
  • Negotiation skills

Use of basic business skills to further social goals: organization, resource development, planning, growth, management, economic

Cultural, Political, and Social Understanding—Students will acquire an understanding of social, political, and cultural frameworks, will demonstrate the ability to apply this knowledge to the assessment of issues and problems, and to use this knowledge in making responsible judgments about issues and problems.

Project planning -- Students will be expected to develop a full understanding of how to create and utilize a project plan that includes sustainability.

Managing and Sustaining an entrepreneurial initiative -- Students will learn the unique set of skills necessary to guide a project through periods of both growth and decline.