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Asked a question 4 years ago

What are the motives for becoming an entrepreneur? How are entrepreneur important in solving society ' problem?

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A person making entrepreneurship as a career has some motives which led to their decision to become entrepreneur. To become an entrepreneur one must posses discipline, integrity, persistence and decision making qualities. So being an entrepreneur one develops many qualities which also help them to improve as an individual. Not only this there are a number of factors which led to growth in interest and motivation for entrepreneurship. So the following are these factors which stimulate and motivate one to take entrepreneurship are :

  1. To make money
  2. To be self dependent and self employed
  3. To gain  prestigeous  social status
  4. Not satisfied with current or last job 
  5. Having professional skills or knowledge to take  advantages of 
  6. Putting idle or additional funds into productive use. 
  7. Influence or inspired by by successful entrepreneurs. 
  8. Supportive government policies 
  9. Availability of financial assistance 
  10. Availability of infrastructure facilities. 

Entrepreneurship is capable of of bringing positive and desirable change in the society. By using innovation and new ideas they can develop better goods and services, production techniques, distribution system, marketing strategies etc. Therefore improving  quality and raising the the standard of living in the society.