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Aalekh Prajapati
Content Writer
Asked a question 3 years ago

What are the major attributes of an entrepreneur?

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It's not easy thing to convert an idea or imagination to a company or products or services. It takes huge amount of hard work, smart work, sacrifices, pressure situation handling, patience and many other skills, in order to be able to do so. 

In today's trend of startups, few people really have an idea that they are passionate about and confident that their idea will help change the world. 

However, in order to be an entrepreneur, you need to install a few attributes in yourself. Let us walk through few of the most important ones: 

  1. Self-confidence: If you are not confident about yourself being able to deliver, how will you convince others to buy your product or service. Self confidence is the most important factor that drives you to push yourself harder and think of solutions. One who has self confidence will always look for solutions, not problems. Imagine it like a sandwich, if you're not confident about the taste of sandwich, how do you expect others to like it. You have to add taste to your sandwich mind, in order to bring taste in your idea. 
  2. Attitude: As said very well by Henry Ford, "Whether you think you can or you can't, you're right". It is your attitude towards challenges that decides your path. Attitude determines how badly you want it, how badly you want to bring a change in society, in minds.  Attitude is like oil for your food to be cooked. Vegetables are your ideas, spices are your steps and measures to get to it, but attitude is the oil that will blend the whole and bring heat nicely. Also, remember, it is also necessary to have right amount of attitude at the right time. It empowers your decision making.
  3. Consistency: There is no idea that kicked-off in first time. Every business has hiccups and challenges. Those who fear are the ones who don't go far. Those who stand and be consistent, even if failures and setbacks are coming, are the ones who sail through. It is important to maintain consistency and quality in your work to gain trust in the market. It took Usain Bolt, Christiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi, decades of practice to become an overnight success.

Like above 3, there are many other attributes that determine your success. It is very important to remember that mastering one of them is not enough, you need to have most these traits. It is a cumulative result of all traits.