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Kota Sai PrasannaStartupTalky Team
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Asked a question 3 years ago

What are the main and important positions do we need to start a Entrepreneurship?

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  1. General manager - who oversees the whole business and works on the strategies to improve the various aspects within your business.
  2. Accountant - They can help us with  financial strategies and they can assist with our being tax compliant.
  3. Marketing Person - We want someone who can look after all your marketing needs.
  4. Administrative assistant - By hiring an admin assistant  we will be able to delegate tasks which take  time away from more critical parts in  business.
  5. IT technician - When your systems are down then you will struggle to run your business so we need IT technician.
  6. Human resource manager - It is important that you know the ins and out of local legislation and that you are on top of your payroll.