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What are the great business for a startup?

Where am I?

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No one is going to give you idea baby. You need to generate it from your own. The following guidelines will be helpful to you people.Look at all the problems in your vicinity, brainstorm yourself or with a group of like minded friends, think of a simple, long lasting and easy to implement solution, and if you find one, that is your Eureka moment. You will start getting brilliant ideas spontaneously.

All entrepreneurs are not born, some are made, circumstances may differ.

Learn to be resourceful and think positive. Believe in yourself.

Be optimistic. ( Concentrate on roses, not thorns).

Don’t just hear, Listen.

Don’t just see, Observe.

Don’t just think, Imagine.

Don’t just touch, Feel.

Learn to be patient and learn to persevere for a specific goal/target.

Paul Coelho has said in his book “The Alchemist” - When the mind decides to do something, the Universe conspires to help you achieve that”.

Start implementing the above from today, and you will notice a remarkable change in yourself.


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