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Neha PalTop Contributor
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Asked a question 3 years ago

What are the good startup ideas?

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  • Social app for videos : It can also be called as a video version of instagram. Where anyone can share their short short videos and it would be a social site yes, you can see only your friends posts. So anything they do, you see it through videos, no photos, no written post. So it differs from instagram and facebook by a significant margin.
  • Fantasy sports website: There’s no debating the fact that the daily fantasy sports market is growing at a rapid clip.The most-often cited projections for the DFS market come via Eilers Research, who see the market topping $2 billion in revenue by 2020.
  • Online bikes for rent : There has been no promising startup yet in the market which gives bikes on rent on hourly basis. There are few, but all are appalling.
  • Online platform to get tutor instantly at home: There are many students who are taking coaching classes for IIT JEE, etc and they face many problems during their preparation. So they need a tutor specially an IITian (who has gone through the same phase) who can help them a bit and give them directions. But since these students are very busy in their studies so they prefer home tutions.
Rajnish SharmaTop Contributor
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Startups are good in itself and no one can judge a startup as good or bad, everyone has their own aspect of looking at the things near them and searching for a solution. These solutions when start making profit we call them as startup and the person who started the idea is called entrepreneur, and the overall venture is called entrepreneurship. Entrepreneurship is not an easy job as it has many risks, many rise and falls. 

So, if a person is going to start a startup he is good in himself and he can make that idea a billion dollar idea by his hard work and perseverance.  We see a lot of startups these days, which make our life lot more easier. for example look at the great startup of uber, ola and rapido, they help people who come from another cities and do not have their own vehicle. Not only this think about OYO rooms, this man connected normal hotels and accommodation places and created a startup which gave everyone a new job and good hotels at affordable prices.