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What are the challenges faced by women entrepreneurs. Name some successful women entrepreneur.

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Women or female entrepreneurs growth have started increasing in recent times. Women now more prefer to be their own boss and entrepreneurship has become top career choice for them. Currently women constitute 14% of total entrepreneurs in india and is likely to grow in upcoming years. Surprisingly about 25 % of women started their business even before turning 25 years old. However rising up and shining and taking up career of their own choice was not at all easy in the society where in the past it has not  treated them fair and equal with men. It takes courage to deal with all ups and downs in their journey. So following challenges are highlighted that every women  entrepreneur has faced or is facing now. 

  1. Work life balance - women are expected as the first person to fullfil household duties and look after the children. But all these daily tasks require energy and time that gives less time to women to focus on their passion for business. This can cause a great problem for such women. Thus work life balance is essential. Many working women are capable and manage both house and office work tirelessly due to their ability to balance work life and personal life. Obviously work life balance is not a cake walk but it can be practiced and come with time and maturity nowadays even male of the families are taking household responsibilities so both men and women van smoothly manage  their work and home efficiently. 

Support _ support is what a women requires from her friends or family when she starts an entrepreneurial venture. As mostly women are new for entrepreneur venture so they surely needs a member to guide them and help them to do what is right and  best for them and their business. But sadly women gets minimum support and no one to guide them. Thus, it  becomes extremely difficult for women in the areas of entrepreneurship which is mostly dominated by males of society. 

Gone are the days when founder, CEO, and owner of the  entrepreneurship venture were only men. But females are never the  less. The  following are from most successful entrepreneur which will justify the above statement. 

  1. Indra nooyi - president of pepsi co. 
  2. Richa kar - ", founder of online lingererie. Store. 
  3. Vandana luthra - founder of VLLC. 
  4. upasana taker jer - co founder of mobiwik. 
  5. Shhgnaz hussain - ceo of shahnaz herbals.

Hence women have come a long way from homemaker to confident entrepreneur.