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What are the business lesson to be learned from an entrepreneur ?

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An entrepreneur has a backup plan to deal with loss if he has to face in future. He has well established contacts that could be a good help or a partner. He is determined and high self esteem to take all the responsibilities. He has a vision of improving his services, learning. He keeps on doing better. He does a startup that can give him huge profit, keeping an eye in capital invest, repayment and a wonderful services to be provided to the public. 

Technology , Education

1) Choose your business partners wisely.

2) Don't be afraid of hard work.

3) Swallow your pride, believe in your actions.

4) If there's a failure then learn to move on from it.

5) Look for opportunities everywhere, doesn't matter if you are not familiar look for it everywhere.

6) Hire smart people and surround yourself with good people.

7) Be honest and ethical in everything you do.

8) Success doesn't looks like what you expect it to or what you hope it will

9) Do what you love, don't work for it do it with love.