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What are the best Hair Styling Courses in Hyderabad?

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If you are looking to get into the beauty and makeup industry it is essential that you enter with an established skillset to make a name for yourself and get a job that you want and deserve, unlike the olden days when these practices weren’t so readily available for the public to learn, as not a lot of people chose the industry. In today's time, we have tons of courses in the beauty and make-up field that you can enrol yourself into and see which one resembles your skillset or which one would be beneficial for your career. 

By choosing the correct courses, you not only make yourself more employable but also open the path to the industry that you want to go in as you can meet a lot of professionals in the field and make new connections that will benefit you in the long run. 

With that in mind, we bring you today, the best Hair styling and treatment courses in Hyderabad31, these courses have been selected based on the technique they offer as well as price and quality. So without further ado let’s start the list.

Best Hair Styling Courses in Hyderabad

1) FTV Hair Bundle Course 

FTV is without a doubt the best fashion and styling-related channel that started its journey long ago in the 2000s. After dominating the industry, the company has started offering various hair styling courses for beginners. FashionTV’s goal is to produce “certified professionals” in the salon industry. Their Hair courses also offer a lot of variety, in which they offer both theoretical as well as practical knowledge, every step of a hair styling procedure has a dedicated course, you can start with the simple “ haircut” classes and then make your way up to “crimping tech” or “ hair rebonding treatment”. FTV  brings international standards and quality to local fronts and shops in Hyderabad, so that you can get the knowledge and get acquainted with the best types of equipment and techniques. 

2) VLCC Hair Academy

One of the best Indian brands known for their beauty products and salons, VLCC academy which was founded in 2001 brings you the best styling and wellness courses that you can enrol yourself into. VLCC has over 100 institutes established and offers affordable courses with tons of features such as a free learning kit, soft skill training, and even international certifications. If you are looking to get an internship opportunity bundled with the degree then you can choose this course, it covers all the hairdressing and styling-related topics starting from basic haircuts to advanced rebonding procedures. 

3) Lakmé hair courses 

Lakme is another renowned international beauty brand, and they are offering two types of hair styling and beauty courses. You can enrol yourself in these courses if you are looking to get a foot in the industry from the get-go, Lakme has done an amazing job in setting up the course, so there is a foundation course for basic knowledge which is a 3-month course, after which you can enroll in their advance 6 months course that details on scalp-analysis and other advanced hair techniques. 

4) Toni&Guy Hair and makeup course 

From London, one of the best salon and makeup establishments, Toni&Guy offers fantastic courses in various fields related to beauty and body care, if you are looking for hair styling courses then they offer three types of classes, you can get 10 weeks of the beginner course, 18 weeks certification course for amateurs and beginners, and an advance 2 weeks course where they will teach you advanced techniques and industry-related practices. 


All these hair courses in Hyderabad offer amazing classes and techniques, it all depends on which exact field you are aspiring for and what is your budget, some of these courses are oriented toward beginners while others focus more on their advanced courses. We hope this list helped and see you in our next one.