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Asked a question 4 years ago

What are some tips for entrepreneurs to manage time?

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Being an entrepreneur is a tough task as he has a lot on his plate like going for meeting, making plans and forecasts for sales, revenue, marketing etc., attending workshops, guiding his employees or team etc. So managing time effectively and efficiently is very important for an entrepreneur to achieve his goals. Time is precious so it needs to be judiciously. Time management is not only important for Managing business related matters but it ks equally important to maintain worklife balance. So following are some tips to manage time effectively. 

  1. Preparing schedule - well, making time table or schedule about to do tasks for a day or a month or a week is very effective in managing time. As one cannot remember all tasks to do on time. So scheduling is indeed helpful. 
  2. Managing free or leisure time - there is a lot an entrepreneur can do to utilize his leisure or free time productively. He can go for exercising, yoga, meditation etc to keep himself fit. Taking 8 hr nap is important to be active during all day. He can use free time reading books and sending quality time with friends and family. 
  3. Don't procrastinate - entrepreneur should avoid to delay the task and leave for some other time in future. So just start the task the moment it needs to done to save time.