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Asked a question 4 years ago

What are some techniques startups can use to initially draw attention to their product?

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There are some amazing techniques startups that are used to draw attention to their products:

Email marketing: Email allows you to enter into the house of any customer. Email is one of the best technique we can advertise any product. Through email you can tell any customer what you have got for them. There lies a huge probability of generating via email marketing than by Pay Per Click Google Ads. So start making your mailing list as soon as you start your business. 

Search Engine and Directories: This is SEO done on minimal level. Get in touch with all online directories. Submit your site to each one of them. Submitting your site to local directories is going to help you the most. Every a person makes a query related to a specified service in a particular area the name of your business will pop up and you will benefit from it. It takes hardly an hour for submitting your site to directories but can prove to be a major factor in making your business popular.

Banners: Banners you see on various sites are not simple ads; they are graphics with an address hidden in them. This banner space is your best shot at fame. Renowned bloggers and webmasters are always looking for people who will be interested in posting their ads as a Banner. Banners are the best sources to advertise your product. Banners can be used anywhere specially in market where you can draw attention of as many as people you can.

Articles: Start a company blog; do not promote your company directly. Write articles that are beneficial for the readers and tell them how your product is going to improve their life. Leave a link to your website and let them explore the possibilities.

Ezine Advertising: this technique is a mixture of Article marketing and submitting to web directories. Here you submit your website to the web directories with the help of articles. You can write an article related to your products and redirect the traffic generated by the article to your website. The article needs to be informative and not professional.