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Asked a question 4 years ago

What are some examples of great marketing?

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Now days lays is coming with new smiling faces packet... I think this is an example of great marketing.

What are some examples of great marketing?
What are some examples of great marketing?
Kavii SuriTop Contributor
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don't know if anyone else has answered about how Amul marketed it's Butter Cookies on social media.

Amul is known for its good marketing ideas, from the advertisements using their mascot- Amul girl, to creating the famous ice-cream vs frozen dessert stir among its competitors.

The advertisement of its butter cookies on social media is nothing less than a genius.

So, Amul, a market leader in dairy and dairy products in India decided to launch it's Butter cookies in India

Now, Amul may face a lot of competition, as India already has mammoth number of competitors in the biscuits and cookies section, so what does it decide to do?


What are some examples of great marketing?

There are lots of kinds of marketing every marketing idea is unique in itself, but guerilla marketing is one of the best as I think.

So here we need to understand what is guerilla marketing,

Guerilla marketing is a set of marketing actions employed to launch a marketing campaign at a fraction of the cost it normally would cost, with multiple times the impact of the money spent on that.

Types of guerilla marketing ideas

Ambient marketing refers to marketing practices which help promote a product by interfering with the flow of things and placing ads at unconventional places.

Event Ambush marketing is when marketers take advantage of the audience of one event and use it to promote their own product or service.

Street Marketing the more recently coined term for the outdoor guerilla marketing type, refers to all marketing actions taking place outdoors, bringing street elements into play.

Guerilla projections involve mastering the installation of hidden projectors onto high-rise buildings at high-traffic streets to generate buzz. Yes, imminent legal risks involved.

Powerful Guerilla Marketing Examples

What are some examples of great marketing?
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What are some examples of great marketing?
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What are some examples of great marketing?
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What are some examples of great marketing?
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