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Prakhar SharmaTop Contributor
Social media marketer, Content Writer
Asked a question 4 years ago

What are positions and roles we need to hire in s startup?

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Prakhar SharmaTop Contributor
Social media marketer, Content Writer
  • Operations Person
  • Marketing Persons
  • Scrappy Sales Person
  • Writer
  • Product Manager / Engineers (for Tech Businesses)

Responsibilities and Duties of the Operations Person

  • Process design – The operations person is responsible for designing business processes/systems that support continuous operations of the company and managing/improving/automating these processes and systems.
  • Employee operations – The operations person must be competent in training employees to complete required operations processes independently, setting employee schedules/performance expectations and supervising employees in their completion of daily operations functions.
  • Finances – The operations person will be managing invoicing, accounts receivable, bookkeeping, resource/funding allocation, approval of expenditures, tax payment/strategy, and other financial matters.
  • Business relationships – To ensure future operations continue, the founder/operations person is often engaging in high level talks to secure favorable business relationships and funding for future company growth.

Responsibilities for your first Marketing Hire

  • Email marketing – Your first marketer will be managing all email marketing, and should be able to drive leads to your scrappy sales person through their successful campaigns.
  • Web design – Your company website needs to give customers and investors the right impression, and your marketer must be able to provide you with this online asset.
  • SEO basics – SEO is crucial for ensuring that your company’s website is seen by the right people, and your marketer should have an understanding of SEO basics to ensure you are showing up in the right search results.
  • Management of paid budget – Your first marketer will be responsible for managing PPC and other paid advertising initiatives, and for driving maximum ROI for these marketing strategies through rigorous testing.

Responsibilities of a Scrappy Sales Person

  • Prospect hunting – The scrappy sales person will have less support in finding leads than if they were working for an established company, and they need to get creative when hunting down prospects.
  • Pipeline management – Pipeline management is essential for sales success and the salesperson must use and update your CRM religiously with pertinent data.
  • Sales calls / system setup – The scrappy sales person will be the one testing your product’s performance in the open market and will be refining their pitch and your sales system as they go along.