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Asked a question 4 years ago

What are non financial aspects a entrepreneur should consider before starting business venture ?

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Non financial factors play important role in making meaningful decisions related to buiness . So such aspects should be considered by entrepreneur before commencing any buiness venture.  So below are the following such non financial factors :

  1. Climate or weather conditions - before starting business the company should take into account the weather conditions and make products and services and provide the same to its customers to gain profit .
  2. Customer satisfaction - customer is the king of market so the business should take all steps to provide customer satisfaction and ensure it's long term growth and survival. 
  3. Government regulation - an entrepreneur must consider government rules and regulations before investing in a particular business venture and  accordingly prepare strategies for business.
  4. Human factor - availability of manpower is important for conducting business operations so a firm should ensure sufficient availability of manpower before starting entrepreneurial venture .