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What are different types of entrepreneurship?

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Different types of entrepreneurship are as follows :

  1. Social entrepreneurship - it refers to the practice of combining innovation, resourcefulness and opportunity to address critical social and environmental challenges. Social entrepreneur aims at finding solutions to social issues like poverty, environmental degradation etc. They may also set up not for profit organization. 
  2. Technopreneurship - it is entrepreneurship that is technological intensive. It focuses on merging technology and entrepreneurial skills that help the firm to produce innovative products. They also make use of high technology to deliver the products in a innovative way. 
  3. Netpreneurship - it refers to the practice used by entrepreneurs to establish their business solely on internet. Netpreneur require various resource for Netpreneurship like computers, it skills, a website or e - store, marketing skills etc. 
  4. Ecopreneurship - it is the process of using entrepreneurial skills to create business that can solve environment related problems. Ecopreneur sells eco friendly goods and services as their main focus is not only profit but also concern for the environment. 
  5. Cultural entrepreneurship - it focuses on creating goods and services that matches and targets  tastes of society. As behavior and personality of people is infuenced by their culture so it aims at providing products to people that matches their preferences.