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What are different leadership styles?

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It explains the overall behaviour of a leader. It depends on leader's personality, experience, values, atmosphere where he is leading etc.

On the basis of authority a leader should have, styles are categorised into 3-

Leadership styles
Leadership styles
  1. Autocratic leadership- Here, the leader or the boss or the superior gives orders to all their subordinates and their subordinates have to obey all the orders. There is only one way communication. He can give reward or punishment depending on the performance. It is boss centered leadership.This style is used very often only when there is little time for group decision making.
  2. Laissez- faire leadership-  Here, laissez means- to allow and faire means - to do. Superiors here do not interfere in the activities of the subordinates. Freedom is given to subordinates. Workers do their own task and resolve their own issues. Leader here has a role to support the team and provide them necessary information to complete the task.
  3. Democratic leadership- Here, superior explain its plans to his subordinates and then make decisions with consulting his subordiantes. Leader's respect others opinions. It is all called group centered leadership. This helps in increasing employees morale and superiors supports the employees to accomplish their duties and organisational goals.