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Asked a question 4 years ago

What are all those tech giants like Google and Microsoft, who once made news everyday, doing right now?

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Hmmm… interesting question. Well we were all woken up from a long sleep hearing a tech boom where the words Microsoft,Apple Steve Jobs,Google, Larry Page,Computer,and what else were resounding. But we all are curious what are they doing now.The tech field have now become stable after the birth phase, there is no innovation now and all that is happening is competition between all the the companies or the so called tech giants.

Observing each companies all I can say is some are working either on something great and some don’t really know what next to do,so they do what they can do ,compete for survival


Apple: A company which have captured the imagination of lots of people,be it with their technology that made computer mainstream or be it be the man behind it,Steve Jobs the man we all love to hate.But what are they doing right now.Its quite weird,apart from nail biting fight in the smartphone field with more smartphones companies like xiami and one plus coming up there is nothing much Apple is doing right now.Other news are, I think, a bit weird, because I never thought Apple will take such a course.Apple is releasing its new electric car named Titan or the icar as Steve Jobs would have called it.Google is also getting a lot of pressure from its main rivals  google and Microsoft as all of them are companies trying stay top I n the competition .Apple will be releasing its new iphones,fresh ipad models,and the watch series as they are excited to dump the iphones and make watch the new thing.Apple is also said to release a satellite , The effort could one day make it possible for the tech giant to provide iPhone users with the internet and other wireless services without relying as heavily on carriers  But none of them are quite innovative, in my opinion.They are just tries to stay afloat in the war.Another thing is the streaming war that is noteable,the only new company to have achieved anything in the recent years is Netflix,so all the companies have started to go behind their fooftsteps.Aplle have is working on its plan for the Apple tv that is set to go into competition against Netflix ,Hulu and the new comer Disney+ which is also a similar desperate attempt as of apple who after so may years of uncompleted rivalry in the media business is now facing heavy competition.For apple,they want to regain their control over smartphones from the streaming devices and make them independent umlike the scenario now.Anyway that is the story with Apple


Microsoft: the company that went into an all out war with the Apple ,the tech war was a essentially a war between Steve Jobs and bill gates.But the company is now living with its cloud platform Azure and spending a large sum on R&D stating they are betting so much on future.Well,with the company bringing its Windows production to a halt,there is nothing much going on with the company.Yet the company is working amazingly well on the cloud platform.Intelligent cloud is one of the solid sources of Microsoft competitive advantage against its main rival amazon and Microsoft business strategy places a great emphasis on cloud segment of the business. Nadella’s bet on cloud has paid off handsomely. Microsoft surprised Amazon in 12-month cloud revenues.Other development includes mergers and acquisitions which are the main thing done facebook.The notable acquisitions being Linkedin and the devices of Nokia.So Microsoft is thriving


Google:What is google doing right now?There is no specific answer for that question,becuase there aint much they are doing.They are really a chaos and unlike what they did years ago bringing order into the chaotic web search there is no order in their performance.They entered the smartphones and released pixel and Nexus but there was no much movement.They ended up buying Motorola to prevent the unemployment their new venture would create. It has partnered with a number of hardware manufacturers to kick-start the netbook business with their bespoke Chrome operating system. But received lackluster review.Google plus,wave and buzz were misfires in collaboration and networking.Google is trying to shed its older self but still the trick is to bring everyones who loves you for the new ride without showing the shadows of your former self.Google is in the thin air.


Facebook:Now facebook is the crooked one.Making acquisitions its new strategy. Including  whatsapp ,instagram they have made a total of 72 acquisitions.facebook being a graveyard with a lot of dead profiles and its increasing influx of boomers , facebook is gearing up for new ventures.Libra is the most noteable,Facebook is on the verge of creating a new cryptocurrency based Libra is a global cryptocurrency built on blockchain to promote financial inclusion. Libra is digital, mobile, stable, fast, cheap and secure.But the currency is not getting the essential permissions.And the main rivals here are the different central banks .All of them have set a different group to study the new possibility of currency system based on cryptocurrency and blockchain.Facebook is thinking ahead but the lack the love of people and the government


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