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What all it takes to become a good leader?

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Leadership is a skill which one can acquire and practice. It doesn't matter whether you are a teacher or an entrepreneur or anybody, you should have leadership skills .

Communication- To be a good leader, a person must understand what is happening around. And then he all needs is to be a good listener first then also a good speaker. Because if one will not listen carefully and will miss a point or misunderstood a thing then he will analyse it wrong and will speak wrong.

Skill development- One needs leadership skills which help him in becoming a good leader. 

Part of team - Good leader is the one who can accept himself as the part of a team. They can perform any task with full dedication by supporting others and helping them.

Praise - A good leader have a quality to praise on excellence of someone's work.

Give and take - You have to trust to earn trust. Show some confidence in your team will help them know that yes you trust them they can do something good.

Accept when wrong - It's more difficult to admit when you are wrong being a leader. People believe it shows your weak side but in real it shows than you are accepting your flaws and know how to work upon it.