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Rajnish SharmaTop Contributor
Content Creator || Android App Developer
Asked a question 3 years ago

Should I be an entrepreneur?

Where am I?

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Rajnish SharmaTop Contributor
Content Creator || Android App Developer

I think there are a couple of things you need to check before “becoming” an Entrepreneur.

Firstly (my opinion only) one doesn't choose to become one; my last business partner (since left) came from a very corporate background, he joined our startup and the next day he had changed his linkedin profile to read “entrepreneur”, which I found odd. I took me a while to work out why I found it strange but then it hit me; he wasn't because he hadn't done anything yet; he left a job and joined another company albeit a startup, but that didn't make him an entrepreneur. He quoted Silicon Valley a lot and wanted to be a maverick but actually he had jumped on some else's bandwagon and claimed he was a game changer. When we fell out he said to me something like I had good ideas but one thing I wasn't was a businessman. It hurt like hell to hear that because he felt he could not handle the stress of the environment and now he was looking to make it my fault he wanted out; but you know what he was right. I wasn't a businessman; entrepreneurs in the most part aren't. They are people who race ahead with ideas that often change the world. A businessman could do the same but he will measure out all the risks, proceed slowly and ultimately deem the risk to win too great and back away; now I say I am not a businessman, I am someone who employs them, asks advice from them, but I am not one of them.

You see there is a vast difference in going into business and becoming a business owner than saying you are an entrepreneur. We call these people businessman / business owners. To me this is the guy how owns two or three KFC franchises, maybe started a Real Estate Agency, his or her’s own small business; in short someone who started a business to earn better money than working for someone else. I call this “The C&D route”; it’s Commendable but it’s Dependable. You are risking your time and money on a known strategy; how it works out is based on your business acumen and if you made the right call on what industry you entered. But when all is said and done you are working with known quantities and you can benchmark against known facts and figures and rates of return; you changed nothing but where you go to work and who you work for, which is massively commendable but as I say, its quite dependable.

An entrepreneur, again my own opinion, is someone who blazes away in a new direction, a new unknown territory, or perhaps disrupting a known industry but finding a new and better way of doing it. They go up against the establishment (businessman) who tell you it cannot be done because of “x” or “y”; they go up against established industries who simply do not want them anywhere near “their” market (Uber is a good example here). To be an entrepreneur you need to see gaps, create gaps and live in a constant state of believing you have it right (its not always possible and obviously sometimes you are just not right); because everyone will show you how you could be wrong.

As a general rule Entrepreneurs fail more often than they get it right, people who buy Pizza franchises don’t. But when an Entrepreneur gets it right it creates a new industry, a new way of doing things, creates new possibilities and ultimately does something that changes the world.

An entrepreneur risks one of the most valuable things we have, reputation. Not on being bad businessman but rather on being looked as just plain crazy. It’s tough, there are no handouts and the risk of failure is ever present.

Changing your Linkedin profile doesn't make you entrepreneur; coming up with a new way doing old things or completely new ways of just existing and shooting for the stars to execute on it…that's the start of it.

If you want to be an entrepreneur, then find that gap and blaze away, and when it may not work, get up again and start again. If you can get through the highs and lows and carry on then you are on the right track.