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Syed Irfan StartupTalky Team
Community Manager @ Coder
Asked a question 4 years ago

Reasons to start your own company?

Where am I?

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Some people are destined to be entrepreneurs. From the time they get through school, or even even before that, they’re hungry to start out a business and lead it to success, and they’ll stop at nothing to form that dream a reality.

1) More spare time:-Spend longer together with your family and friends. But note: this can be only applicable once your business is established and you have got employees handling the bulk of necessary responsibilities. Don’t expect to own more spare time until you reach this time.

2) Call the shots:- Nobody else goes to line the principles. You are.

3) Set your own deadlines:-No more last-minute rushing unless you wish to try to to it.Create something from scratchWatch your organization grow from start to end you're bringing change in world.

4) There’s nothing stopping you:- If you wish to become an entrepreneur, there’s nothing really holding you back. Take the leap, and lead the corporate you’ve always wanted.