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Syed Irfan StartupTalky Team
Community Manager @ Coder
Asked a question 3 years ago

Problems Faced By Women Entrepreneurs In India

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  1. Family Issues:- Most of the families in India don't encourage women to go out to try something new. Most of the families restrict their girl child to travel a lot for exploiting business opportunities.
  2. Financial Issues:- Family members do not encourage women entrepreneurs. Imagine a girl from a middle class family. Her family wouldn't take such a big risk and provide her Financial support. Un-married women are humiliated for having a general idea of setting up their own companies.
  3. Lack Of Education:- Women are generally denied of higher education, especially in rural areas and under developed countries.
  4. Confusion:- Married women faced the problem of importance between their marriage life and career

      5.Unfavorable Environment:-Many business men are not interested to have business              relationship with women entrepreneurs. Male generally do not support women entrepreneurs.

These are the major factors why women in India are facing problems to become entrepreneurs.