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Negative aspects of globalization.?

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*out sourcing of jobs to cut down cost has resulted in child labor and slavery. 

*increase of unethical practices in business dealing due to unhealthy competition to expand market. 

*increase in the number of cities and related population problems. 

*increase in the consumption of fast food and junk. 

*gap between the rich and the poor is increasing. 

*spread of deadly viral disease such as dengue and Ebola across globe.

*globalization has led to environmental degradation 

*depletion of natural resources due to over usage.

*out sourcing to developing countries has created unemployement problem in developed countries. 

*comparison of costs may lead to decline of certain industries that are very costlier. 

*leads to unhealthy competition among different countries. 

*it has helped terrorists and criminals to increase their activities. 

*underdeveloped countries have to depend on the developed ones for their economy. 

*it leads to economic exploitation. 

*it encourages subjugation and slavery. 

*price instability is a significant effect of globalization. 

*currency fluctuation. National currency are effected the most By IGOs. 

*displacement of workers which some time leads to unemployement. Majority of people in developing countries don't have good and specialized skill while the availabile jobs are poorly paid due to high demand caused by the globalization. 

*the consumption of food, planting crops using chemical fertilizer has minimized the time for growth of the plant and increase in the profit. The mortality rate is high results in reduction in the lifespan