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Mention some ways to motivate the employees.

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Employees are one of the greatest asset of an organisation.Entrepreneur have that desire in him which makes him feel more strong to motivate himself and others for hard work. Sometimes the best managers also fail in motivating the employees at their best.

There are many ways to motivate employees:- 

1.Build239 trust - Employees have the right to know that their superiors trust them and believe in them. This gives them more confidence to do the work before the second thought of their superiors and rarely dissapoint them.

2.Good relations- it is very important for the superiors to maintain and keep a good relationship with their employees so that the employees feel more comfortable in sharing their problems and issues related to work. 

3.Closure- The superiors should provide real and true facts to the employees so that they can have a feeling of sportsmanship and a sense of security. 

4.Positive environment- There must be a positive environment for the employees to work. There must be no discrimination and no criticism in the work environment. The employees should always feel positive in the work environment. 

5.Decentralization - The employees should be given enough decision making power. They must be given some power to implement plans related to work .