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Is there any Startups for Travelers and chefs?

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Is there any Startups for Travelers and chefs?
Founders of CONOSH

Anshumala & Vaibhav Bhel who have explored a plethora of countries for there love of fashion & food. They have worked with famous brands like Louis Vuitton, bulgari, etc.

While traveling in Europe they came up with something intriguing and amazing which they call "Community Dining" which is meant for travelers and people who aspire to sneak a taste of authentic Traditional local food of a particular place or country.

Countries like Greece, Turkey, Lebanon, Italy & Spain follow this concept to provide the tourist and give them a curated experience to taste the slice of local cuisine.

Moreover, locals & Travelers were ready to pay money to experience home-cooked food.

Coming to know by this new concept Anshumala, Vaibhav & Neha Malik stuck by the idea of implementing it in INDIA by going Online with a website named "CONOSH".

Working on their idea for almost six months, they developed CONOSH.com215.

CONOSH.com215 is a common platform where people come together and connect by sharing meals and also provides an opportunity for home chefs to showcase their exotic Traditional cuisine.

Conosh connects people over meals, eating together with a whole bunch of new people and share their amazing stories.

they also have something called Host Pop-ups in which an Interested person can sign-up on their website and it verifies the food and experience of the host before putting it on their website.

The creators had spent most of their time finding the finest and right home chef which can provide the host with a comfortable and New experience of the Taste our culture.

The ten-member team which is formed to provide the best and easy experience and CONOSH has successfully done it's 60 pop-ups in Bengaluru,13 in Delhi and 2 in Mumbai.

The cuisine depends on hosts and they train on receiving and taking care of the guest.