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Asked a question 4 years ago

Is the car rental business going to change the automobile industry?

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The car rental industry is one of the emerging industry which is going to transform the whole transport sector in the country.

There are multiple benefits that have given many facilities to all  daily basis car users.This facilities have been used for gaining the trust of the potential customers specially the millennials, who are not having any point to buy a new car with other expenses like insurance, services etc. This experience hectic and very time consuming. Because of these reasons, the car rental business has became the blessings for all those people who don't want these problems for their vehicles. People have also increased adoption of shared mobility in the country. This has led to the fact that car rental companies have gained a massive user base within a short period of time.

Some of the facilities are:-

1) hassle-free experience

It is very hectic task to choose a car, checking it's color, the fuel type, payment modes and many others. All these tasks takes a lot of time to get complete. But in the car rental business, the entire process is taken care of by technology. So, the customer have a hassle-free experience during his ride or journey. There is no problem of security as all the vehicles are having the tech-enabled systems such as GPS, security and many other systems that offer better navigation and safety system.

2) Affordability

The car rental business has made this sector so affordable that, now the daily car users are not worry about is the cost, vehicle maintenance and insurance. Also,  after purchasing any items, the value of the item decreases every day. So, the people who are using the car rental facility don't have to worries about the depreciating value of an asset i.e. the decreasing value of their own car. This car rental business becomes the best option for the people who are using their cars on the daily basis.

3) Sustainability

In this era, the population is increasing rapidly, especially in metro cities, and this is shrinking availability of space. The people are not even having the space to live so, from where they will get the space to park their vehicles. The rising prices of fuel and taxes are also a big problem for the people who are having their own car. So, for this problem the car rental business are more sustainable option in terms living in a metropolitan city where there is even no space to live.


The car rental business is going to suppress the whole automobile business in terms of buying their own vehicles. People are going to travel in the rented cars only as no one wants any complications in their life's. This is the best solution for this type of problem.


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