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Prakhar SharmaTop Contributor
Social media marketer, Content Writer
Asked a question 3 years ago

Is government seeking any help from Health startup During this COVID-19 ?

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Prakhar SharmaTop Contributor
Social media marketer, Content Writer
  • Government is looking to take help from healthtech startups to ramp up coronavirus diagnosis
  • Experts suggest that healthtech startups can prevent the spread of coronavirus
  • Some startups have already started to tackle the situation with their domain expertise

On the morning of March 13, many Indians, stuck at the Terminal 3 of the Indira Gandhi International Airport in Delhi after coming back from Frankfurt and Paris, were repeatedly screaming ‘shoot us’.

While support came from the health ministry, the incident threw light on just how panic has been created among certain sets of masses due to the pandemic and the travel restrictions. Many have said that given India’s healthcare system, the country needs to involve private sector players in research and testing to check the spread of coronavirus and Covid-19 in India.

Some private players, who had applied for a license for performing coronavirus diagnostic tests, were still stuck in red tape.

But with the recent decision, India looks to have a better chance of standing tall against the epidemic. As of now, the government is looking to allow private diagnostic companies to conduct Covid-19 tests but with certain limitations. The government has capped the price of this test at INR 4500. So far, Trivitron Healthcare and Switzerland-based Roche Diagnostics are allowed to provide the test kits to diagnostics centres in India.

One such startup which is trying to get the licence from the government is Delhi-based Redcliffe Life Sciences. Founder Dheeraj Jain told us that it already has facilities to conduct the diagnostic tests. “We are planning the ramp-up if we get all the permissions, manpower, and approved kits soon,”