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Asked a question 3 years ago

Is freelancing career getting boom in the coming time?

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1) In this era, there is neck to neck competition between the companies. So, in order to win in such situation, the company wants to have such employees which are specialized in the task given to them. It is not possible that a person is specialized in all the works and the tasks given to him/her. So, in order to get the best output, the companies are going for the freelancers. A freelancer is best in one or two skills. He/she can perform the given task in a better way than a person who is having some knowledge and that to in a low pay off and you can change the freelancer whenever you want.


2) Freelancers are getting an edge over a full time employees of the company. This is due to the fact that there is no situation of any job security in the case of freelancing and the freelancers are hired on the contract basis, for a specific time period and that too with the small pay off than any full time employee.


3) In today's time, people want to work according to their mood. They are not able to work under restrictions. The freelancing career is able to give them flexibility in all forms i.e. flexibility in time, flexibility in type of work etc. The freelancers are not having any type of boundations.