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Asked a question 4 years ago

Is bootstrapping good for startups?

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Bootstrapping a startup depends upon the idea of startup. Companies like GoPro have bootstrapped for many years and most of the startups who are based on discovering something do bootstrapping. But now we see a trend of bootstrapping before starting up. Bootstrapping helps a startup in many ways. Firstly, it gives the response about the product in the market. There are many products whom an entrepreneur might think is useful but it may not when it is taken in the direct market. Many times it happens that the product the startup wants to create has no need in the current market, it may be needed in future but it is not meant for the present. Bootstrapping is essential for product based companies specially if they they are launching a new product which does not have an existing market. But overall bootstrapping is also useful for any new service based companies. The startup will know about many issues in their product before it is available. This  will help them to modify ithe product according to the needs of the customers. If they would have taken it directly to the market and then faced criticism for it then it would have resulted in the loss of brand valve for the product. But by bootstrapping this can be avoided.