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Asked a question 4 years ago

Is becoming entrepreneur for you?

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We want everyone to be successful in their business, but the hard fact is, that it’s not everyone’s cup of tea. Some entrepreneurs give up because they lose their drive and some because of the immense pressure in dealing with a business. Some become successful business man/ women because they work smarter not harder. A business man know where he/she lacks and accept failure. They make mistakes but solve it themselves.  They work for people , for others . Starting a business is a life-changing decision.But it is also a carry serious decision. If you love business and marketing, it will love you back.  Just because you want to earn some much money is not going to make you suceesfull or rich. You need motivation to learn and succeed. There is a misconception about starting your own business: you’ll start your business and get rich. There is some truth to it, but if your goal is to just get rich then you’re headed for failure. Your motivation has to go beyond money and time. You have to be really passionate about the product/service that you’re selling and the customers that you’re serving. If your motivations are right then you will have enough energy to sustain the time it takes to become successful. You have to be open to learning various things or any new things that need to be learn. It could be managing a team, networking, managing finances etc. Your ability to quickly master new skills will keep you abreast with changing trends and help you overcome roadblocks. And last but not the least you should keep right attitude.

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Asked a question 4 years ago
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