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Asked a question 3 years ago

In what ways employees in an organisation can be motivated?

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Puru BhatnagarTop Contributor
Business Analyst, Entrepreneur, Business developer, Marketer

It is true that for the successful working of the organisation it's employees must be motivated time to time. 

It is clearly seen through studies that employees which feel motivated are more creative and hardworking and love to be at work.

There are different ways to motivate employees in an organisation, some of them are as follows:

1). There must be a complete check on employees performance throughout the evaluation period, one should not wait for the performance appraisal period and should review how employees does their jobs in accordance to their assigned job description.

2). Give employees feedback about what the work they does, to use positive ways to appreciate their works, also if you see any area that need improvement it should be immediately informed to the employee as it will increase the chances of making it correct than informing it later.

3). Appreciate the employee for his/her work and recognise it during employees meeting, as this action proves to be the best motivator for employees.

4). Promotion is also one of the way by which employees can be motivated, have a check on their work profile and see have they done work more effectively than company's expectations and award that employee with promotion.

5). Ask employees to volunteer for the roles where they can demonstrate their capabilities.

6). It is also seen that employees who realise their opinion matter feel motivated so company should conduct surveys to obtain employees opinions.