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Prakhar SharmaTop Contributor
Social media marketer, Content Writer
Asked a question 4 years ago

If a Startup is recognised with DIPP. What are the next steps required for raising funding?

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Prakhar SharmaTop Contributor
Social media marketer, Content Writer

A startup can approach SIDBI for funding in the following two cases:

Case 1: Equity funding for early and growth stage startups:

a) SIDBI invests in funds of fund format and invest in daughter funds which invests in Startup.

b) The list of fund of funds, focus sector, e-mail ID and company website can be checked on the link: here224

c) Kindly send an e-mail on the given e mail IDs of the said funds.

Case 2: Debt funding for mature stage startups (proven revenue model, market traction):

a) Approach the nearest SIDBI office.

b) Submit a business presentation and the pitch to the SIDBI office.

c) Once the information has been submitted, SIDBI would scrutinize the application and the shortlisted applications are directed to SIDBI, Mumbai for financial evaluation.

d) As per the decision of SIDBI Mumbai, debt may be sanctioned.