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I Need Someone to Sell My Product. What Do I Do?

Where am I?

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  1. Tell the world what you’re looking for.Send personal emails to everyone that you know who might have a relationship with the kind of person you’re looking for, post to social media, pick up the phone… finding great people often requires a lot of hustle, because everyone else is looking for them, too. So put in the work.
  2. Reach out to marketers that you respect. If you already read some marketing blogs, reach out to the people writing them.
  3. Post a job listing on a site that’s relevant to your industry.No matter how much product you can produce, ultimately, someone has to sell it.

Whether that’s you or someone else is going to depend on your bandwidth, expertise and how you’d like to spend your time.

But the good thing is that you have two options that, if done well, can both be very successful.

You have two options:

  1. Become a great marketer
  2. Find and hire a great marketer

Becoming a great marketer has truly never been easier. The number of resources out there that can help you get better is huge for just about any industry you can think of.