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How to start Advertising when you are a Startup?

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In today's era, marketing is no more big deal because of social media, websites, blogs and so on. But doing marketing effectively is really a big deal. Few ways to do so are-

Referral marketing techniques-

The best way to advertise for startups is to create a strategy that lets your clients do the marketing for you. If a client likes your product, they can refer your products to their  friends, customers. This is one of very useful strategies as People trust, personal recommendation more than anything. 

Using SEO strategy -

Nowadays, whenever people want to collect information or reviews, they tend to search it online. This is the reason why, Search Engine Optimization(SEO) can be a very useful strategy. A successful SEO strategy requires identifying a relevant keyword that will attract high traffic to your startup website with low competition. 

E-mail marketing -

E-mail marketing can be powerful since we can apply filters to address the right message to the right target, at the right time. By using this strategy, we can advertise our product to the targeted people.