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Prakhar SharmaTop Contributor
Social media marketer, Content Writer
Asked a question 4 years ago

How to search for a Repeatable, Scalable, & Profitable Growth Model?

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Prakhar SharmaTop Contributor
Social media marketer, Content Writer

Growth Model

The term growth model covers the process of acquiring customers, and then onboarding them and turning them into happy users who keep using the product, and are seeing the business benefit that your sales pitch promises. So it goes beyond sales and marketing, and includes customer success and expansion revenue.


When thinking about repeatable, it helps to think about both predictable and repeatable: you are looking to make sure that the way you acquire and on board new customers, and get them to expand is both predictable and repeatable.

If you have a touch less sale that doesn’t use salespeople, your life is a lot easier. Your growth process is repeatable if you have found a funnel process that predictably repeats over time. E.g. you have found a particular way to drive visitors to your website such as Google Ad-words that can be repeated, a percentage of visitors convert into trials, and a percentage of trials convert into closed deals.

When your growth process includes sales people, things become a more complicated. To show that your growth process is repeatable, you will need to show that several salespeople have been successfully hired and on boarded, with a predictable ramp time and quota achievement level. You are looking to demonstrate to your future potential investor that adding salespeople will have a predictable and repeatable impact on bookings.