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How to make customers happy with your product/services?

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Keeping your clients/customers happy is essential for keeping business alive. Customers are very important for the growth of business. There are many ways to make them happy and some of the are - 

Offer discounts to loyal customers –

The customers buying your services or products can be offered discounts for their loyalty. By doing so, one can increase the customer base as there is very slim chance that such customers would go away. A special privilege or offers can be availed to customers who order in bulk.

Meet Expectations -

When you promise customers a good service/product, it’s your responsibility to provide the best possible service/product to meet their expectations. The quality of the service & products must be maintained not only in initial days but forever to ensure happy & satisfied customers. For this, feedback from them can also be helpful in determining where you lack.

Know the personally - 

Knowing your customers at personal level is a great way is a crucial for the business. Becoming friends with my clients can help you know their plans and projects they are going to work on. They can also give information about market trends and other rivals & competitors in the business. 

Keep in touch with them –

Regular communication is important for good relationships. One must call their customers regularly to know feedback, their views on the service or products. For this, e-mails can also be useful to know how they feel about your services.