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Kavii SuriTop Contributor
GEEK | Content Writing Intern | Pursuing CS | Exploring ML and Data Science
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How to leverage Instagram to grow your startup?

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In today's world one of the biggest marketing techniques of any startup is digital media marketing. Instagram being one of the largest social media platform in the world will help you to spread awareness about your startup to a large number of audience with a very little effort, money and time. With the help of Instagram you will be able to create awareness about your startup to every age group of people as everyone is using Instagram in today's world.

Kavii SuriTop Contributor
GEEK | Content Writing Intern | Pursuing CS | Exploring ML and Data Science

Why Instagram?

Instagram is one of the largest social media and online platform, why not use it? It is the best way to reach out to the audience willing to engage.

Post images that attract people's attention and make them want to share

The key is to make sure that you're offering both great design and value.

A picture is worth a thousand make sure you're saying the right ones!

Monitor Hashtags in Your Market

Hashtags can be extremely powerful for creating awareness of what you're up to.

Think of them as a "search" tool that helps viewers find topics and ideas they're interested in.

keeping an eye on relevant hashtags, you can grow your Insta-community over time by making in-app connections.

Follow the accounts of others who are in your industry, including industry thought leaders, similar businesses that aren’t your direct competition, or users who have shown interest in your type of content based on who else they’re following. And of course, follow people who fit into your target audience or buyer personas.

Hold a Contest with Another AccountEveryone likes to win something!

By partnering with another Instagram business in your same niche, the two of you can offer a giveaway or contest that requires users to follow both of your accounts to be entered.

The idea here is that if you have similar buyer personas, you’ll both gain quality followers.

Promote Your Account

Don’t overlook Instagram when it comes to promoting your social media accounts on your content and brand materials.

You likely include your Facebook account on everything because everyone has been on Facebook forever, but Instagram is now the most popular social network for U.S. teens250 and has better stats in engagement and content sharing across the board.

So slap that handle on your product packaging, online content, or whatever it is that your awesome business does. After all, if you’re putting work into creating a sweet Insta account, you better show it off!