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Asked a question 4 years ago

How to Handle Negative Fake Reviews from your competitors ???

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1. Reach out and get more positive reviews

2. Try legal action or at least the threat of due to multiple reviews being malicious.

3. Report negative reviews to google which will not likely do much but always worth a shot.

Employees work so hard to run the business smoothly and if someone spreads negative fake reviews, it can be really disturbing & demotivating. Here are some solutions to negative fake reviews.

Report -

If someone is trying to spread rumor or a negative fake reviews on some digital platform i.e. online, by collecting some evidences, we can report those reviews.

Be Unique -

Sometimes, our competitors try to spread such reviews because they feel that you are too similar to them. In such situations, we need to do a little research and make sure that our business offers something unique from the other similar competitors. Thus, it is better to offer unique solutions to your customers that your competitors don’t, and the other businesses will feel less threatened.

Form a team- 

If you are being attacked in reviews and it looks like other businesses in your market are as well, create a team. You don’t need to become best friends, or partners in your business, but you will likely be more successful in comparing notes and finding patterns across the markets.Doing this also creates a friendly rivalry with the other victims of attacks, once the dust settles, that ensures that you will not treat each other the same way.  By working as a team,  the culprit can be exposed.