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Asked a question 3 years ago

How to get Blue Badge Verification on Facebook?

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I'm sure plenty of you and including myself wanted to have verified social profiles. It's like bragging rights. Sites like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube is usually pretty stringent in who they verify on their site. It's really easy, totally obviously free to get verified page in Facebook. Normally if one want to get verified page usually they must be a famous celebrity or want to have hundreds of thousands of likes. But there are other ways if one don't have these. Go to your page and click on about ย , one must edit different fields then Facebook will probably know that this page must be verified. First thing is you need to change the address to verified and nothing else. Then in affiliation and in short description just type ' verified '. Then in bio again type verified , continue this in ' personal information' , ย  ย in ' personal interest '. i.e expect mail type verified. Then go back to timeline, this where one actually sent out the signal to actually try and get verified. Make a post on your profile it just says verify . Once we click on publish then that's the initiation process to get blue badge verification. The verification will happen within 24 hours.ย