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Asked a question 4 years ago

How to find and work with Suppliers?

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Suppliers are essential to almost every business. Without raw materials(supplies), how can one meet demands in the business.  A good supplier can be very important for company because they not only supply materials but they can also help in providing information about market trends, track competitors in same business, etc. A good supplier has following qualities-

Cut down prices -

They can give you good discount on the materials or services by cutting down the prices. Some might give the discounts on larger orders only.  It also depend on your relationship with the suppliers.  

Reliability -

It is probably the key factor to look for in suppliers. Good suppliers will ship the right number of items on time so that they arrive in good shape. From such suppliers, we can be assured that the items delivered by them is of good quality. 

Stability -

It is another key factor while choosing a supplier. It is always good practice to work with the suppliers who is in the business for long because they certainly have something which keeps them surviving in the market. We can also get the feedback about such suppliers from the other buyers so we can assure that we are dealing with right supplier/vendor.